ID&T and the scene (written at 30 january 2000)
ID&T Lately, ID&T, one of the oldest house/hardcore companies, has had a lot of critic from gabbers. Why? Well, rumors were going that ID&T would stop with its hardcore activities. People from ID&T (Irfan van Ewijk and Duncan Stutterheim) have stated this is not true. It might not be true, but ID&T is indeed cutting on some things. This year there won't be a Mysteryland Indoor, which is a really weird thing, because Mysteryland isn't even a hardcore-only party; it also features styles such as trance and techno. But, this is not the fault of ID&T. Those to blame are the owners of the building in which the party was always held (Jaarbeurs in Utrecht). They don't want a Mysteryland in their building anymore, they prefer a party such as Shockers. Also, less Thunderdome CDs are coming out. Last year there were only 2 (not counting the "92/99 collection", because this wasn't really a 'new' CD), compared to 5 or 6 issues in 1995/1996. This is too bad for the collectors (such as me :).

However, there will be a Thunderdome 2000. There have also been some conflicts about this party on the Thunderdome newsgroup. There were rumors that there would be played techno as well on this party, and a lot of people didn't agree with this. Strange thing is that ID&T has (some time ago) banned terror from Thunderdome/Mysteryland parties. Personally I prefer terror to techno, and I think a lot of gabbers also think like that. After seeing the pre-flyer I had some questions myself too. Who are JP, Warmdusher and Mauro Picotto?

Of course ID&T's point of view is understandable. All of the fake/hanger-on gabbers are gone, and therefore they can't make a lot of money out of hardcore anymore. Let's hope they keep promise, and won't stop their hardcore activities, because, after all, us gabbers are the people who made ID&T big (Even before there were hanger-on people a CD such as Thunderdome 2 sold over 50.000 copies!).


More about ID&T . . . (written at 9 february 2000)
Well, some time after I wrote that last article about ID&T I read an interview with one of three ID&T founders, Irfan van Ewijk in the February issue of Online Hardcore Magazine. This interview cleared up quite some things: First of all, two of the DJs that would appear on Thunderdome 2000; Mauro Picotto and Warmdusher were not techno DJs as I thought they were. Secondly, ID&T is the company behind the names Symbiont and Hardcore Overdrive (Old name: ID&T Belgium!). So I guess they are still into hardcore... One thing which remains unclear to me though is the thing Irfan mentioned about Thunderdome CDs, He said it's really hard to fill a quality hardcore CD nowadays, because a lot of hardcore producers are making techno now.. I do not really agree with this; ID&T shouldn't always put only the "old group of hardcore producers" on their CDs as they do now, but also put some talented producers from labels such as Supreme Intelligence, Gangsta, FIX, etc... on their CDs.