Hardcore 4 Life - <<O>> Arnhem

30 november 2001

Pictures taken by: Da Shredder

The whole group waiting outside for the party to begin... What you don't see here is the extremely large amount of people at the door.

Da Shredder and SectorAlpha jumping around on the stage when it was still pretty empty.

Ladyspeedcore, kaleman, Terror, DJ Noisefucker and two other guys.

One of the DJs who were playing in the oldschool area. Thanks dude for playing the First Rebirth!

Dennis, go away in front of the camera, we're trying to take a picture here!

Da Shredder, Dennis, Gold and another dude.

Da Shredder dancing about on the block in the main area.

This was Naud's first hardcore party, but he really enjoyed himself!

Chrisjuh and a couple of friends.

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