Here, you can read some more about the different people who made (parts) of this page. To learn more about someone, just click on his name and a page with info (like his all-time favorites) and a picture will appear. Do you want to write something for this page too, such as CD reviews, or articles, or whatever, then don't hesitate and mail me at, and I'll get back reply you as soon as possible.

KP Crew:

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I (Hydra) am the one who started this page back in 1999, and also does the updates on it. I live in Velp, which is a village near Arnhem. To learn more, just click the picture :D.

Headhunter is my cousin and also a KP member since the very beginning. He is an occasional visitor of hardcore, trance and hardstyle, and he has also written some CD reviews for this site.

schck.wav is a cool guy from my old school. Together with him I often go to raves. He is really into making all kinds of electronic music on the computer himself too, and has released a couple of tracks on this site.

Da Shredder
Da Shredder is a good friend of us from Brummen, with whom we visited many a party.

Insane is one of the main producers for the KP Tracks section. He is also a good friend of mine who often joins us when we go to parties.

PloX is another good friend of us from Dieren, who goes to a party with us now and then.
Siko is also from Dieren and a good friend of ours, who often joins us when we go to a party. He is, like his name suggest, completely insane and we always laugh a lot with him.
Rienne is the sister of Insane, who is a good friend of ours and recently started joining us when we go to party again!