Here, you can find all kinds of various stuff which didn't fit into any of the other sections, such as the results of old polls, artwork and articles.

Old poll results

The results of this poll were quite surprising. The big loss of Happy Hardcore was something that couuld have been predicted, since Happy Hardcore was a typical "trendy" hardcore style. And since that trend is over, most people are not really Happy Hardcore fans anymore, they might still like it, but it's not their favorite music anymore. More surprising was that most people voted for 94/97 hardcore! Apparently a lot of people think like me, and prefer that good old style :). Oldstyle has always had, and will probably always have, a small but dedicated group of fans. The count of votes for Newstyle and Terror is about equal.
The big winner of this poll, "What's your favorite party?" turned out to be the good old Thunderdome parties. Apparently a lot of people still like Thunderdome best. Most other votes went out to the other big parties like Mysteryland and Digital Overdose. A lot of people also votes on a party which wasn't on the list when I made it. Most people suggested Masters of Hardcore (Okay, I admit, it was kinda stupid that I forgot MoH when I made the list), but Pinhead, Artcore vs. Darkcore and Megarave also got some votes.