Mysteryland - Six Flags Holland

16 june 2001

Pictures taken by: Gold

Da Shredder in the Space Shot, which was a big launcing thing. Above in the air you had a nice view over Six Flags Holland and the festival terrain.

The festival terrain in the distance, while we were waiting for the wooden Robin Hood rollercoaster.

Me (Gold) taking place in the Robin Hood rollercoaster.

It was still early, but Headhunter and Da Shredder had already found their way too the dancefloor and were nicely jumping around.

Desiree and another guy of the ID&T merchandise stand.

Headhunter and me. In front of the Bastille... er... some castle in the park (A little inside joke :)).

The rain during the afternoon had turned the festival terrain into a big pool of mud... mystery-mud!

Da Shredder and Headhunter in a really cool rollercoaster.

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