Club Hell - Het Station Lochem

7 september 2002

Pictures taken by: Da Shredder

A cool picture taken on the afternoon before the party when we went to the swimming pool. From the left to the right: PloX, Rochitius, Timo and Gold (sitting).

A weird but cool picture of Da Shredder.

Da Shredder and me havind some fun on the parking place of the swimming pool.

PloX's dad made my hair disappear :) And I wasn't even going to the party :).

Almost done...

Rochitius wanted to get rid of the backside of his hair.

Rochitius and Da Shredder were eating shoarma in Doetinchem, and they wanted to take a picture of the cafetaria... only problem was that they forgot about it when they were driving away (even though Rochitius was already holding the camera outside), so he just took a picture of the nearest other building :)

Two barpeople of Het Station.

Da Shredder and DJ Neophyte.

Bart, the barkeeper and organiser of the TECHNOS parties.

Like the last editions, the DJ's downstairs were 'trapped' behind a fence...

Insane going crazy.

Rochitius taking a picture from below.

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