Ghosttown 2003

20 september 2003

Pictures taken by: Hydra

shck.wav defending himself against PloX with his slipper.

A group picture taken at the station of Dieren. Too bad it's a bit vague... From left to right: Da Shredder, shck.wav, Insane, Appie, Hydra, PloX, Tim.

Another group picture.

Finally we could board the train!

Oof, what's that smell?

It turned out to be Da Shredder, as we could see from his face :).

PloX doing 'rair with his hair' :).

PloX goes hakkuh at the party.

Terror and Ladyspeedcore.

Da Shredder aka Boni.

Insane, Hydra, Tim, PloX, Terror and Da Shredder.

Hydra, PloX and Insane relaxing a bit.

Bass goes hakkuh!

More pictures