Krank im Kopf - Achterhoek Arena - Dinxperlo

25 october 2002

Pictures taken by: Da Shredder

Me, Insane and shck.wav at the beginning of the party in the hardstyle/oldstyle area.


Another guy of the KiK crew: I believe this is MC Immortalizer.

Two party people.

One of the two german techno DJs upstairs.

Insane together with Ingrid.

The Mad Doctor.

Three gabbers from the Achterhoek.

DJ Nitro behind the wheels.

Party on!

Da Shredder together with one of the guys of Endymion.

Hektik Hard Beatz (Gangsta Biodome), me and a guy I often meet on parties.

Da Shredder saying 'cheese' :)

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