Thunderdome A Decade - RAI - Amsterdam

12 october 2002

Pictures taken by: Gold and SectorAlpha

shck.wav and PloX with the eViL announcement.

shck.wav, me and PloX dressed and ready to go!

Da Shredder, who couldn't join us today, since he had an important competition the day after the party.

PloX, Insane (who had shaved his head especially for this party!) and shck.wav in the train.

Our gang at the station of Arnhem: Phydomir, dj_unmind, Insane, Cypher, shck.wav and PloX.

Another really great picture of the group (in the train this time), this time also including me on it!

shck.wav, Insane and me, all with a really serious look :)

PloX and Insane.

One more group picture, these are always cool.

Insane and his bottle of beer waiting for the subway to arrive.

At the party itself: The DJ in the spotlights.

A group of Italian gabbers we had met.

The '92-97-hall' was getting crowded...

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