Producers (but also DJ's and MC's). The creators of the music we listen to. Have you ever wanted to know some more about a certain producer, or wondered how he/she looks? Then this is the place to be for you. This list is never "done". I'm always adding new people. So, are you a DJ or producer (known or unknown, I don't care), and do you wanna be on this list, then send a picture and some info to:

3 Steps Ahead
Peter Paul Pigmans, or 3 Steps Ahead as he is known to the Hardcore crouds, first big party was the Mysteryland Outdoor on the Maasvlakte in 1994. He is known mostly for his live shows, and is easily recognized by his bald head, and because he wears sunglasses day and night. He has made some cool hits like "In the Name of Love", "Hardcore", "This is the Thunderdome", and, more recently the Rolling Stones cover "Paint it Black". He makes both fast and slower hardcore, like seen on his second album "Junkie For Live" (the speed ranges from 140 to 240 BPM). He once said "Even if the whole scene collapses tomorrow, there are no records, CDs and parties anymore, I'd still make hardcore".

DJ Promo
DJ Promo, or Sebastiaan Hof, debuted on Thunderdome 9 in 1995. He made a couple of songs, like "Psycho Style" and "Sing it Louder", but his big break-through came in 1997: "Shut Up" (the hardcore version of Don't Speak) was one of the most wanted hardcore records of that year. Nowadays, he produces newstyle songs like "Dancefloor Hardcore", and also some more experimental and industrial newstyle like "Viscious Cirkle" (together with DJ X-ess) and " What the Fuck?!".

DJ Distortion
DJ Distortion (George Ruseler) is probably most famous for the team he forms together with MC Raw: Rotterdam Terror Corps. MC Raw and he already formed a DJ team when they were still on high school. He has been organizing parties since 1990 (His company name is Rige Entertainment). He started as a substitute-DJ when a DJs at one of his parties couldn't come. Rotterdam Terror Corps was formed in 1993 together with Reanimator, MC Raw, DJ Rob and DJ Petrov. DJ Petrov, DJ Rob and Reanimator have left, and Distortion and Raw remained. RTC are famous for their extraordinary live acts, merchandise, and their hard hardcore with hiphop influences.
DJ Waxweazle
DJ Waxweazle (Rob Fabrie) is a real olbie in the house scene. He started his career together with DJ Paul under the group name Holy Noise. They made hits like "James Brown is still alive" and "Father forgive them". After Holy Noise, he made hardcore tracks like "Legs", "Gimme some real Hardcore" and "Inside the Rhythm" and made a happy hardcore track too, complete with radio version, called "Come with Me" (which perfectly fitted in the sound of the Pengo label). Nowadays, he makes slower dark stuff like "The Nightmare Man" (under the name The Headbanger).

DJ/MC and producer Drokz is one of the frontmen of the Dutch terror scene nowadays. He is the man behind the Tunnel of Terror rooms on parties like Mysteryland, and he has also produced some cool terror tracks, like "4 D Fanatics" (together with DJ Tails), "Hell is our Home" and "I've killed my Ex with an Axe" (also together with DJ Tails under the name of Cunt Hunt).
G-Town Madness (DJ Mad E-Fact and DJ Crossbone)
Mad E-Fact (Eelke Kalberg) and Crossbone (Richard Jonkman), both from Groningen, form the life act G-Town Madness. Although they are often seen as part of the new generation of succesful producers, they are already making music for quite some time. They are one of the few live-acts whose tracks are often played by other DJs. Their sound is recognizable by a nice kick and original samples. They have made tracks like "The Legacy Continues", "Silence", the "Hardcore Beats" EP and "The Hustle" (Mad E-Fact).

DJ Paul
DJ Paul has, without a doubt, from the beginning of hardcore been one of the most important people in the hardcore scene. He has made tons and tons of tracks, under a lot of names like Too Fast For Mellow, Bald Terror, Hard Attack and E-Wax. He started with Holy Noise on the Hithouse label of Peter Slaghuis. After this time, he started his own label, Rotterdam Records, which was the first hardcore label. In this period, he was active in the underground hardcore scene. In 1995, he started making commercial Top 40 songs like "Life is like a Dance" and "Rainbow in the Sky", but unlike other commercial Happy Hardcore, his products have never insulted gabbers, and its these songs that brought a lot of people into the real hardcore. He also started two other labels, Terror Trax and Forze Records, and merchandise as well (remember those "Wanna Play?" shirts?). In 1997, he made some songs together with the punk group Teenage Warning, and nowadays he makes newstyle, some of which is extremely slow (Tekno Warriors stuff) and other more dark and hard tracks like "Thrillseeka".

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