Frankly speaking, I don't know that much about Butcher. I saw him play on Artcore vs. Darkcore 3, and I must say that he did quite well. His style of playing was Rotterdam hardcore. Will we see Butcher on more parties in the future? Who knows...

Lyrix is a DJ coming from the Gangsta/Supreme Intelligence crew. I believe he made his DJ debute on the first Artcore vs. Darkcore party. After this, he also played on Hardcore Confrontation in the Hague and on the 3rd Artcore vs. Darkcore party. His style is artcore/darkcore, as you probably expected :).

Deathlok (formerly Deathlok Hardcore Team) is a group of three producers from the same village I live in (Velp); Kimo Arends (left on the picture; also a member of this site), Marcel Heijink (the guy in the blue shirt) and Taco Arends (right on the picture). (and if you're wondering who the fourth guy on the picture is: Well, that's me :). They started making music on the Amiga in 1992 under the name of Technoravers. In 1996 they switched to making music on the PC and changed their name to Deathlok Hardcore Team. Later, that changed to Deathlok and also the name Elite Hardcore Forces is used. Nowadays they have a contract at Rotterdam Records, and at the moment of writing two records have already been released...

MC Ruffian
MC Ruffian aka Don Carlos is one of the few MCs that survived the long trip from the beginning of the house scene till now. He actually refuses to be called an MC but prefers the title of a "mic wreckah" or "crowd controller". He has been banging with all the top names in hardcore on numerous festivals and parades like Mysteryland, Dance Valley, the Love Parade, the FFWD Dance Parade, etc... but also in lots of clubs and parties like in Parkzicht, Back 2 School, Hardcore 4 Life, Club X and the Limelight (NY). He was also partly responsible for the project Holy Noise and for tracks such as "Thrillseeka ".

DJ Wapper & the Ladykiller
These two DJs and producers started with the label AGV Records. After two releases on this label with Jorizzz and Vaag Syndicate they decided to start a label with the two of them. Dutchbad Records was born. This label got very popular in Spain and Belgium. Slowly but steadily they started to gain popularity in the Netherlands, especially the tracks Edge of Darkness, Do that Shit and Hardcore Knowledge were liked. At this moment they're preparing new releases for Dutchbad Records. As DJs they're still in the "starters-phase". Now and then they do a set at small parties like Oldschool Madness and their own Hardcore Knowledge.

DJ Theo
DJ Theo is one of the people behind the hardcore radio-station "Tempo Radio". Besides that, he has played on quite a few parties in The Hague (the city where you can listen to Tempo Radio), like Sweetlake 4 and House Anthems.

DJ Nitro
DJ Nitro (Matthijs Dubbe) from Doetinchem is one of the guys behind the younghardcore organisation Krank im Kopf. Krank im Kopf, which consists of about eight guys, has organised parties in places like De Olde Beth in Wehl and The Project in Halle. DJ Nitro is a resident DJ at these parties, and last december he also did a set at Club Hell in Lochem.

HHHooligan, which stands for Hengelo's Hardcore Hooligan (At least that's what I think it stands for :P) is, just like Nitro, a member of Krank im Kopf. On the contrary to Nitro he is more into live acts, which was proven by his appearal on the System Error party on which he did an act together with Peanut and Bone Head. He is also intro producing, and is currently making some great tracks! Last but not least, he writes columns on this site :)

DJ Strife
Strife started with DJ'ing in 1999 at small parties in Leiden and its surroundings. He ran his own trackerlabel for some time where he released his first tracks. However, he closed that, to be able to totally focus on Xenotech Records, of which he is the webmaster now together with Ophidian (Conrad Hoyer of Enzyme). His most recent track is "Inside" which is being released at Xenotech with a remix of somebody else...

Egbert Schoonhoven, aka Zamruel, started DJ'ing in 1998. Since 2002 he's working for Hardcore Revival. Zamruel's style is very dark, so you'll find a lot of records from labels like Enzyme, Gangsta and Supreme Intelligence in his recordcase.