DJ Brainiac was born in 1977 in Colombia, but now lives in Holland. He started DJ'ing when he was 18 in small clubs and a lot of youth-centers. He has played his freestyle (artcore), hardcore and oldstyle records at parties like Lethal Injection, Club Hell, Hardwayz of the Underground, Mayhem, Club Insanity, I Hate Trance, Skool Beats and Speedrazor vs. Thunderscream. Nowadays he is a resident of the Club Hell and Lethal Injection parties (the last one he organises himself together with his companion Jamien under the name of Da Hardcore Minded). Often when he is behind the wheels he is hosted by MC Double T. Braniac is also starting to produce music himself...

Dj Psyclown, the psychotic clown from holland was born in Heerlen on March the 25th. He's still an upcoming talent with a dream to drive the crowd mad with his crazy ass acts on stage. He is only interested in the harder sides of hardcore such as darkcore, terror and industrial. The reason he is masked is not just to look cool or freaky; it is to prevent himself from being recognized in real life, because that's not what his focus lies in. He just wants to focus on playing his hardest records and making sure you're having a good time when you're on a party where he is performing. His message to all gabbers: "Live for the hardcore and don't annoy yourself to much about the fake people who give the real gabber a bad name...".