Dark Raver
Dark Raver, or Steve Sweet, is one of the most distinguished persons of the hardcore scene. He has been a hardcore DJ for years, and throughout that period his style has changed from very fast dark hardcore, to happy hardcore, to newstyle. He and DJ X-ess even made the first newstyle song "Intelligent Hardcore". Because he spends more time being lazy, playing with his playstations and his girls, or drinking bacardi-cokes, he doesn't have much time for producing. Yet, he has made some tracks, like "Thunderground" and "2 Da Rhythm" (together with Lenny Dee).

DJ Isaac
Roel Schutrups (DJ Isaac) used to be live in Groningen, but now he's working and living in The Hague, where he is responsible for the releases of Samurai Records, Dwarf and Babyboom. His most famous track is without a doubt "Bad Dreams", but he made others too, like "We Like Marihuana" and "I Wanna be a Gabber Baby", which both reached the charts. He's most famous for his remixes of hardcore tracks like "If the Kids are United" and "We're gonna blow your Mind". Now he makes really *slow* music, which is a lot like oldstyle ("Face Down, Ass Up").

DJ Ruffneck
Patrick van Kerckhoven is a true die-hard gabber. He started his world-famous Ruffneck label in 1993, and after that also the Ruffex and Ruff Intelligence labels. Then, the company which had been releasing all of his works (XSV) went bankrupt. All of Patrick's money was gone. He decided to start from scratch again, and formed two new labels: Gangsta and Supreme Intelligence. Throughout the years Patrick has always had his very own style (a Juno kick, and lots of breakbeats) and this has never changed much. Some of his countless hits are "Mescalum", "Bazeman", "Ruffneck - Sound of the Drum & the Bass" and "Ruffneck rules the Artcore Scene" (which reached the charts!). Ruffneck is also one of the few DJs who is not making newstyle: He makes both faster artcore (under the name of Wedlock) and slower darkcore (under the name of D'Spyre), but as said before, these are completely in his own style.

DJ Rob
Mr. Oldschool Rob Janssen is one of the inventors of Hardcore, which he started to play in the famous club Parkzicht. Olschool has always been, and is still the style he likes best, and therefore he is very often found DJing in the olschool area of big parties. He is also one of the original members of the Rotterdam Terror Corps. If you think DJ Rob can only produce olschool ("The Beat is Flown", you are wrong. He's proven to be an all-round producer, who can also produce Happy Hardcore ("A Moment in Time"), fast/hard hardcore ("Loud and Proud") and newstyle ("What would we die for?")

Lady Dana
Lady Dana (Dana van Dreven) is one of the very few female Hardcore DJs. Since she began, in about 1993, she has spon the wheels of steel in lots of huge houseparties. She hasn't produced any real hits (yet?), although "The Execution" maybe is an exception. Lately, she is often booked as a terror-DJ, which she likes a lot, because she enjoys the faster tracks.

DJ E-Rick and Tactic
Erik Amsterdam and Martijn Engbrenghoff, both from Friesland, started producing music at a very young age. When they were only 18 years old, they already appeared on Thunderdome CDs. Their first hit "The Flying Dutchman EP" was released on Scott Brown's Evolution Gold label. Most of their tracks are released on the Bzrk label, but they have also produced for labels as Waxweazle, Pengo and Hellsound. Their most popular tracks are those which are used for the Thunderdome parties, such as "Hardcore rules the World" and "Meet her at the Thunderdome".

DJ Buzz Fuzz
Mark Vos, one of the four members of the old Dream Team, is one of the premier people in the Hardcore scene. His own label Bzrk, with artists like T-Wisted and Public Domain, is really succesful. Not only because of his countless hits he is famous("Jealousy", "XTC-Love", "Dreamgirl" and "Back to the Old School", etc... etc...), but also because he's just a completely 'wappie' person. There are not much DJs who drink as much beer as he does.

DJ Dano
Daniel Leeflang has been DJing since about 1989. He played in the old club Multigroove and on the first Hellraiser parties. In the Multigroove he, The Prophet, and Fred Berkhout also got the idea for Mokum Records. He says he made hardcore-like tracks, even when the name hardcore wasn't invented yet. Some of his tracks are "Terror is Timeless", "Parade of Love" and "Jam on". He is seen as a cult-artist, because of his cross-overs and trips with people like Fear Factory and Herman Brood. He has proven to be a good terror-DJ too.

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