DJ Delirium
Jemery Malvasia, started producing Hardcore in 1992 for Lenny Dee's Industrial Strength label. He has been enjoying electronical music ever since he heard Jean Michel Jarre. Some of his tracks: "Inside the Rhythm" (with Waxweazle) and "The Way that we rocked" (with Guitar Rob).

Lenny Dee
Lenny Dee can be seen as one of the inventors of hardcore. Since the beginning he has made has been American-style terrortracks like "Fuckin' Hostile", "Blood of an English Muffiin" and "Follow the Leader", but he can also make hardcore, like "2 Da Rhythm" (together with Dark Raver). He is the one behind one of the best labels around: Industrial Strength. He used to play a lot in Holland, but since the newstyle sound came, he is not booked so often anymore, because his speedcore doesn't really fit in a newstyle party :). Nowadays he plays a lot in Switzerland.

Rob Gee
Rob Gee is an American hardcore DJ who originally came from the punk scene. The punk influence is very obvious in (especially his older) tracks (lots of guitar samples). He creates mostly the more speedy work, which is a typical thing for American DJs. His tracks are easy recognizable by the really *weird* voice Rob Gee has. Some of his hits are: "Nonshlen Tustokken", "Ecstasy, you got what I need" and "Sex, Drugs and Gabberhouse".

Patrick Moerland, or Reanimator, is one of the main people in the Dutch terror scene. He has been an underground DJ for years. Already in 1993 he made a terror-like track "Slammin' Beatz" under the name of Pinnhead. Nowadays he is present at most of the terror parties.

DJ Yves
Yves van Dichelen was the first hardcore-only DJ in Belgium. He's one of the frontmen of the scene there. He became famous in the (un)famous Club X in Wuustwezel. After that, he played in the Cherry Moon, and now in the Kozmoz. His style is slow: oldstyle and newstyle. Like many other DJs, he also produces now and then.

DJ Akira
Ku Wing Lam is often said to be the hardest DJ in the Netherlands. He started in the Dutch DJ Squad (due to DJ Rob). When he was in Paris, he heard Liza 'N Eliaz play. He felt a really soft DJ compared to her, and after this he has done anything to change that: He enjoys terror because it's pure, and not commercial at all.

DJ Neophyte
DJ Neophyte (not to be confused with the live act Neophyte which consists of more people) is the artist name of Jeroen Streunding. This producer always knows very well what the public wants to hear! This results in hits like "No Worries", "Always Hardcore", "Fuck Martine" and "Braincrackin'". He also likes humor, which results in non-serious hardcore tracks like "Happy is voor Hobo's", "Mellow Moenie Mauwe" and "Het Bananenliied". Nowadays he's also part of the Tekno Warriors.

Marc Acardipane
Marc Acardipane (active under tons of names like Nasty Django, Marshall Masters, Rave Creator, Pilldriver and Inferno Bros.) is the man behind the german PCP. He is one of the inventors of hardcore (Mescalum United) and he has been playing the sound that's really popular now (industrial newstyle) for years before others have. Some of his countless hits are: "Pitchhiker", "Slaves to da Rave", "Don't Touch that Stereo" and "6 Million Ways to die".

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