MC Joe
"The beat is flown. The beat, the beat, yeah the beat is flown!". These classic words were spoken by MC Joe. Since years he has been the MC when DJ Rob plays.

MC Raw
Ricky Peroti, known to the hardcore crowds as MC Raw, is most famous because he's the MC of the Rotterdam Terror Corps. He started with DJ Distortion when they were both still at school as the school-DJs. His reconizable deep voice has made that he's been nominated 'Best MC' in the Thunder Awards multiple times.

Manu le Malin
Manu le Malin (Emmanuel Dauchez)is one of the frontmen of French industrial hardcore. He started as a DJ in 1992, and has been on a lot of major European events. He started producing for the Industrial Strength label, byt now he has his own Bloc 46 label. Examples of his records are "1202" and "Biomechanik 2".

DJ Pavo
"Oldschool to the bone!". That saying really is what Pavo stands for. Like Rob, he has been an oldstyle DJ since the beginning. You can find him playing at special oldstyle parties, but also in the oldstyle rooms of parties like Hellbound. Yet Pavo is also a damn good hardcore DJ, which he proved at Mysteryland 2000.

DJ Panic
Dennis Copier became famous in DJ Paul's Forze DJ Team. Together with Paul and Lars he mad tracks like "One to the Two" and "Step the Fuck off", but he also worked under the name of Nightstalkers (together with Attic &Stylzz), and under his own name, together with Lars, he produced tracks like "Weak Motherfuckers".

Darrien Kelly
Darrien Kelly also became famous in the Forze DJ Team, but he joined later than Lars and Panic did. Before the Forze DJ Team, he made the classic "Geleihoofd" (together with Scott Brown). Some of his later tracks are "Party Rico" (together with the Stunned Guys) and "Beaten like a Bitch" (together with Attic & Stylzz).

Liza 'N Eliaz
Liza 'N Eliaz is often called The Queen of Terror. This terror-queen from Belgium can be called quite an oldbie. She started in several electro- and industrial bands, and around 1990 she got interested in hardcore. She made tracks under the name of Stockenhouse ("A Fox may hunt too"). Furthermore she made a lot of productions together with people such as Dano, Laurent Ho and the Prophet. In 1999 she founded her own Provision label. Sadly, she died in early 2001, which was a big loss for the scene.

DJ X-ess
Martijn Mobron, known as DJ X-ess, has played at a lot of national and international parties, like Mysteryland, Thunderdomes, a party in Los Angeles and the Number One in Italy. His style of playing is hard and industrial, and he loves old Ruffneck records. Besides DJing, he also produces (together with other people). He made some tracks with James Daltan for the Thunderdome CDs and in 1999 he made the hit "Viscious Circle" together with DJ Promo.

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