Bass D & King Matthew
Bass D & King Matthew, or Eugenio Dorwart & Matthijs Hazeleger are the most famous duo in the Hardcore scene. They have their own company A&A Productions, which is responsible for the Masters of Hardcore parties and CDs. Together with MC Raw and DJ Distortion they have made several tracks for the Rotterdam Terror Corps. Their best tracks (at least in my opinion) are their happy hardcore tracks "Like a Dream" and "Hold me Now".

DJ Lars
Lars Tindal, like DJ Panic, became popular mostly because of the Forze DJ Team, in which he was till 1996. Some of the tracks he made durind that time are "One to the Two" and "Step the Fuck off". A newer track of his is "Simple Minded", which he made with DJ Panic.

DJ Norman
DJ Norman, also knows as DJ Tazz or The Houseviking, is a hardcore DJ from the Hague. Around 1996 he made a couple of happy tracks: "Come On" (together with DJ Fuckface), "Bust Muttha" (together with DJ Fuckface) and "Scratch the Condom". His present is style is slow and dark newstyle.

Dr. Macabre
Guillaume Leroux, working under aliases like French Connection, Lunatic Asylum and Dr. Macabre is a producer from France. He has scored several big hits including "French Connection" and "Poltergeist". Currently, he's with Rige I believe.

A group of relatively new producers on the Bzrk label. Dark and experimental are the two perfect words to describe the style which they're making. Examples of their tracks are "G.O.T.T.F.B." and "Make Me".

DJ Youri
DJ Youri is a hardcore DJ from Belgium, discovered by Yves. He recently (end of 1999) made a 12-inch together with Newbreed (Decoy and The Punisher) called "Is ya with me", of which the best track is "Under-dogz".

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