Chosen Few
Francois Prijt, or Chosen Few is a man most gabbers know from his mega-hit "Name of the DJ". His old hits all have that awesome 'filtered kick-sound'. Some of these tracks are: "Zero Chosen" and "Bassdrum Bounce". Some time ago he signed up with Bzrk records, and he's going to produce music again!

Critical Mass
Ed Bout started his carreer in together with Dave Hasselaar when they made the track "No Sex until Marriage". Together they started two projects. One of these was Holographic, under which was dark and heavy hardtrance was released. The other was Critical Mass. Earlier tracks under this name were "Shake your Stuff" and "Sever Trauma". Later on, Critical Mass became a commercial happy hardcore act (complete with rapper and female singer), which entered the charts with hits such as "Burning Love".

Flamman & Abraxas
Jeroen Flamman and Jeff 'Abraxas' Porter became famous with their radio-mix of Technohead's "I wanna be a Hippy". The four gabbers that played a role in the videoclap became the stars of Flamman & Abraxas' Party Animals project. Party Animals was a commercial happy hardcore act, but not with a female singer and rapper, but with real gabbers as dancers! Some of the Party Animals hits were: "Have you ever been Mellow?", "Hava Naguila" and "Aquarius".

Michel Klaasen, known as Tellurian and Leviathan, is the man behind the Cenobite label. The music on this label is a mix between underground Trance and hardcore: Trancecore! Lately he also has a live act together with the Predator. Some of his tracks are: "Guyver", "The New Generation", "Step in the Light" and "We'll tear you apart".

The Prophet
Dov Elkabas is one of the four members of the legendary Dream Team. He has made tons and tons of great tracks. What to think of "I Wanna Rock Ya", "Big Boys Don't Cry", "Dominatin'", "I am the Magnificient" and so forth. In 1998 he started a new project: The Masochist. Under this name he released tracks all with a certain high beep-sound in it. Some of the Masochist tracks are "MzKzM", "No Newstyle", "Anticipation" and "Killing Scum". In 2000, he again started a new project: "Marquiz de Sade", famous for the track "The Brother Marquiz".

Stunned Guys (DJ Buby, DJ Maxx, DJ Giangy)
The Stunned Guys (from Italy) started in 1994 when they released their track "Nidra". Very often they make tracks together with the Rotterdam hardcore producers such as DJ Paul, and therefore their tracks are often influenced by the Rotterdam sound. Famous tracks: "Thrillseeka" (together with DJ Paul), "Love really sucks" and "Musica Neurotica". Last but not least: DJ Buby made the favorite hardcore track of Gold, Headhunter and DoggyDog: "A E I O U".

Fred Berkhout
Fred Berkhout (MC Freddy B!) is, together with DJ Dano and The Prophet, the founder of Mokum Records, the famous hardcore label from Amsterdam on which artist like the Party Animals, Search & Destroy and Chosen Few have released tons of hits. "Fuck da police!" (Pyramid Party, Switzerland 1995) ^_^

DJ Vince
Patrick Vincent is the man behind the Shadowlands Terrorists. Now that Shadowlands is bankrupt, the activities of the Shadowlands Terrorists have grown less, but they are still performing (mostly abroad in Switzerland and Italy). Together with the Dark Raver he is often seen as the inventor of newstyle, with the track "Intelligent Hardcore".

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