Maurice Steenbergen
Maurice Steenbergen is best known for his project Rotterdam Termination Source. Under this name he scored a mega-chart-hit in 1992: "Poing!". Aside from a producer he is also a graphical designer. He has designed covers for labels such as Rotterdam Records, Midtown Records and Forze Records.

DJ Dione
DJ Dione, who is the man behind the old Hellraider CDs I believe, has quickly grown to be a popular DJ/producer over the last few years. Today you can find him on a lot of compilations, like Thunderdome. Examples of his songs: "Rudeboy Ragga", "Checkin' the Cutz" and "The Atac" and "1 beat to Heaven".

Omar Santana
Omar Santana, a hardcore DJ from New York is the founder of H2OH Records. He used to make hardcore with happy influences in 1995/1996: Tracks like "Shake That Ass" and "Phat Beats". Where the style of other producers started to become more slow newstyle, Omar's style became faster and harder: New York terror, which is proven by tracks as "Kick some Shit", and the 3 Da Hardway project.

Miro is the second man after Marc Acardipane behind PCP. What can I say about him? He manages to do a lot with very few samples. His style as E-Man is experimental newstyle. Not really my style, but I have to admit that he is technically really good, with tracks as "E-Shifter" and "Bass Machine". Under the name Miro he has made more melodious trancy tracks like "The Shining". The terrorheads among us know him as the founder of the (in)famous Kotzaak label!

Scott Brown
Scott Brown is the old Scotland king of happy hardcore! His first released record was " The Scotchman EP" on Combined Forces. He has had countless hits. Some of them are: "Hardcore Disco" (under the name of Bass X), "Geleihoofd" (together with Darrien Kelly) and "Feel the Music" (together with DJ Paul).

DJ Fuckface
Hans Nincritz, or DJ Fuckface, was discovered by DJ Norman on a DJ contest in the Locomotion. He made his first record together with him on Brrr Records: "Shrillness". After that he started to produce for Goblin Records, and made a couple more (happy) tracks with DJ Norman: "Bust muttha!", "Scratch the Condom" and "Come on".

Tom Colenbrander (Cixx) is probably well-known for his happy hardcore record "Ride to the Rhythm" which he released on the Pengo label. Nowadays he is popular for his live act together with the Vinyl Junk. He has also made a lot of tracks together with him, like "Fossile", "Forever" and "My Style". Aside from hardcore, he's also into Drum 'n Bass, Chemical and Bigbeat under the name of Head First.

Zanthrax started to play as a DJ for a youth organisation in Dordrecht, and produced the tracks for the live acts they did. There he met another dude, and they started to make professional midi music. They ended up wiith 80 Aum, and because their music was different, they got a new label! Now he's working alone and is a FIX producer. His style is darkcore and gangsta style. His first produced record was "Dark Earth - Wisdom of the Grave" for the Unknown Species label. Currently upcoming is FIX 14 called "Resurrection".

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