Mark Newlands (picture), David Melo and Aaron Lubinski form the terror-act Nasenbluten from Newcastle (Australia). Their 'amige sequenced Newcastle hardcore sound' is (in)famous, and so is their own label Bloody Fist. Some of their tracks are "Intellectual Killer" and "CXXX Sucker".

Trypticon (Conrad Hoyer) is a fairly young producer coming from Arnhem. He's working for the labels of Ruffneck: Gangsta and Supreme Intelligence (on the Supreme Intelligence label he is known as Ophidian). His first hit was the darkcore track "Dark comes rising". Trypticon has also started his own internet "label" to encourage other new and young hardcore producers.

Coma Baby
Edwin Uytenbroek is a hardcore producer from Dordrecht. His sound is very industrial and intricate. Two of his tracks are "Soul Eater Lvl. 13" and "Rave Racer" (both released under the labels of Ruffneck).

LD, also known as Leroy van Drie, is a DJ from Rotterdam. He started DJing in 1993 after seeing a show of Dark Raver in the Energiehal. He had a contract with Dutch Rave. LD was also in the line-up of Thunderdome 2000 before it got cancelled.

Eugene van Brakel is, just like Coma Baby, a student in Delft. He followed a midi-course by Coma Baby, and that's how ge got to know Ruffneck. His style can be described as very dark and hard hardcore which isn't too fast: The typical Supreme Intelligence style. Meagashira is responsible for the anthem of the Artcore vs. Darkcore parties, a really cool track of which I don't know the name :(.

MC Rage
MC Rage started MCing hiphop in 1990. In 1991 he got into house music, and since than he has worked with techno, jungle and hardcore producers. His most famous hit is the cover "Fuck Macarena". This is one of the few real hardcore tracks which made its way up the charts in Holland.

Vinyl Junk
The Vinyl Junk (Tom van de Berg) is a hardcore producer from the east of the country. Very often he's working together with Tom Colenbrander (Cixx). Some of the tracks they made are "Tough Guys", "Bounce 'n Shake", "Fossile" and "My Style".

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