Miss Flower
Miss Flower, a female hardcore DJ from Switzerland started DJing when she was only 15 years old. She has performed on a lot of the great parties in Switzerland like Evolution and Goliath. She has made an EP together with the Stunned Guys, of which the track "Power of Flower" appeared on the Thunderdome 21 CD.

DJ Weirdo
Weirdo (Dennis Doeland) is one of the "old generation" of famous hardcore DJs/producers. Before he stopped DJing in 1997 he had performed on *many* large and small parties, including Mysteryland, Thunderdome and the Love Parade in Berlin. Also as a producer he is very succesful. He made a lot of tracks together with DJ Sim, like "Kick this Muthafucka" and the hit "Go Get Busy". Furthermore he made a couple of tracks with Dr. Phil Omanski, of which the most famous is probably "Young Birds".

Bart Revier, Jelle Neys and Bas Lint are three very succesful producers of the new generation. Their sound is the typical Supreme Intelligence sound: darkcore. Some of their tracks are: "Jungle of Darkness", "Remain in your Sleep" and "Failure". Besides producing, they are also DJing at different parties (Masters of Hardcore, Hardcore Resurrection, Artcore vs. Darkcore, just to name a few), and they are part of the Gangsta Alliance live act, together with Nosferatu.

DJ Partyraiser
DJ Partyraiser, or Wesley van Swol, started in 1993 with mixing hardcore. His first success came three years later, when he played in Club X and the Fun Factory. It would take two years before his first album "The new World Order" (with the songs "Kick da Ballistics" and "Back to fuck you up") would be released under the label of Dutch Gabber Network (a Rige label). In the same year (1998) he also played on his biggest parties; Queensday Rave and Megarave 1998/1999 in the Energiehal in Rotterdam. In 1999 he started his own party organisation (Undefined Sounds), and in 2000 he organised the Sweetlake hardcore parties in Zoetermeer and The Hague!
JDA is a a producer who is famous for tracks like "Voel je die Bass" and "Real Hardcore en anders niets", which he made together with Delta Nine. Nowadays he is mostly working for Italian labels. One of his newer tracks is "The Big Payback".

Nosferatu is seen by some people as one of the hardest DJs of the Netherlands. Strangely he is underestimated by a lot of organisers of big parties; he is never booked on a Thunderdome or Mysteryland party for example. On the Ruffneck label he scored hits like "Artcore DNA" and "The Future", and on the Gangsta labels tracks like "Karma", "Turntable Action" and "The Essence" followed. Since a few years he is also producing slower (darkcore) tracks for the Supreme Intelligence label under the name of Endorphin'. One of the most famous of these tracks is "The Three World". Others are "Share your Pain" and "Shadowchild" (made together with D'Spyre/Patrick van Kerckhoven). Together with Endymion he is also doing the live-act Gangsta Alliance.

Evil Activities
Evil Activities; Telly Luyks (DJ Active) & Kelly van Soest(DJ Fanatic, formerly DJ Evil) debuted on the Planet Hooligan label. Later on, after making one record for Rotterdam Records, they joined Neophyte Records where they stayed. Besides producing (they made tracks like "Bang Bang" and "What's inside me"), they are also good DJs, as they have proven on some of the Artcore vs. Darkcore parties.

Freax is a good example of the fact that tracking actually can get you a record deal. Freax started as a member of the well known tracking group Sound Alliance (he was called DJ Bassbooster and Baze-B first). In 2000, he got a contract at the Gangsta label! He made his debute on the double-album Origin of Core - Gangsta Audiovisuals Edition with the tracks "U'll never be" and "Behold my Soul".

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