Intelligent Hardcore

Dark Raver & DJ Vince, Babyboom 021

This record has 2 songs on it. The first song "Intelligent Hardcore" was a real big hit in '97, it was so called the first newstyle song. The intro starts with some dark samples and kicks in very nice after a short vocal sample (very cool!). The bass gives a nice drum effect along with the vocal sample. It was very slow for that period: it's about 150 bpm (that time it was all around 180/190bpm). After a few minutes you hear a great part without bass ready to boom it up again. The vocal sample makes it even more cooler. The song lasts for about 4/5 minutes and at the end it let's you think "hey this is a great song". The outro, as I call it, is that the bass booms with little more speed. The B1 "Here We Go" is the exact example of a great newstyle/hardhouse song. It moves slowly in and has a few really good parts in it. The first part is with a great dancing rhythm. The song sometimes ends a few seconds and then booms right back in. The second part has a nice sample with good thinking from the producers because this was for that time a slower song and maybe a little bit a project. I like this one. A short time after this, they made another song together callled "Thunderground".


Slaves to tha Rave

Inferno Brothers, Red Alert 14

This song was always one of my favorites, heard it lots of times. I first heard it on the first Ravers Religion album. The A1 is the main track song. It begins with an intro; the bass and melody along with the claps and high hats bring it to the best part of the song I think. What a heck of a track! Marc Acardipane is really one of the best producers there is. The B1 is a remix called "The 2001 Mix". It begins with a nice bass. You can split the song up in 3 parts. The first part sounds like the original version of Slaves to tha Rave. The second part is different; it's more a spacy part. The thirth part comes along with the second part and then the bass changes. Really nice work, good song. Great EP. If you don't have it yet, buy it when you have the chance :).


Like a Dream

Bass-D & King Matthew feat. XD, Inferno 007

This record goes way long. I first heard it when I went to my first hardcore party: Thunderdome '96 in Leeuwarden (one of the best parties I think) and thought "What a fucking good song this is!" and now I finally have it on vinyl. The A1 is the main song "Like a Dream" remixed by Bass-D and King Matthew. It starts with a simple sample and then the high hats come in, followed by a bass. The singing in this song is great (should hear it on a big party) and after 4 years it still is... The A2 is a remix by DJ XD. It's bit more happy and the sample of "Like a Dream" is a bit faster, but it's a good song. The B1 "Suck this" has a good tempo and bass booms as well in it, but it sounds a bit more happy. The B2 "Clap your hands" is quite slower than the other songs from that time, but it has a great bass which changes after a few minutes and the sample "Clap your hands and stomp those feet" sounds quite funny. Good song!


Element 1

Stunned Guys, Trax 9810

A1 is "I am a Gabber" with the sample I AM A GABBER!!! It kicks hard, with a good tempo (faster than normal newstyle), and the Stunned Guys' newstyle often sounds like that. A2 is "Lo Sono Vivo". I don't know what that means, but who cares if the song kicks, and it does kick :). The song gives you the feeling of "The Final Countdown" (Europe). The samples are good, and the break is as well (you should hear it to say more about it...). B1 is "In the Name of the Juno's". The name says it all: A track which is made with a Juno. B2 "Do the Fuck" is also a track with a higher tempo in it, and a cool break. This one also has the sample I mentioned before of "The Final Countdown". The sample Do the Fuck matches this, because it sounds good with the bass. More She will come...


Koppensneller EP

Darrien Kelly & Scott Brown, Terror Traxx 17

A1 of this record contains the track "Geleihoofd". Those of you that don't know this one should be ashamed of themselves, and wonder why they are gabber. This tracks has a really great sample and a really phat bass. That together forms Geleihoofd. The track kicks and has a good tempo. Recently it has been re-released a couple of times, simply because it is a very popular one, therefore you will often hear it at partiies. The second track of the A-side is called "Meer Kaas". It's also a nice song with a couple of good kicks and a cool bass. B1 is called "Totaal Verwarring" (sample of the green Gabberhead EP Total Confusion). It's a nice track which kicks along good. B2 is "Vijandelijk"; this one has a good tempo. If you don't have this record yet, get it if it's still available.