Control the Party

The Viper vs. Mad-E-Fact, Babyboom 041

Babyboom is back! And with what kind of record! This is gonna be a party blast! Actually it is a party blast already! After his hit with The Hustle and Tell the DJ, Mad-E-Fact (Eelke Kalberg; G-Town Madness) now combines his hardcore power with that of The Viper. This is a 3 track record and all tracks are quite good, which is remarkable these days. The A1 is the title track of this record, "Control the party" and it has some nice riding sounds in it, they just go with the beat. In the middle the record just starts slowing down like someone is putting his hand on the turntable. I'm not quite pleased with this kind of break, but the second melody that comes in afterwards makes it all up! The B1 "No Tricks" is quite a good track too, but it uses the same voice sample as the B2 "The beatz the suckersz wish they had". Weird kicks pumping all over the place and the "This beat KICKS"-sample really approves to both tracks! But I think the B2 is better than the B1. In short, this is a record you must get!

-The Es-Kimo

Brain Confusion

Lancinhouse meets the Stunned Guys, Trax 9916

The A1 a track called "Brain Confusion" which the record is named after. This track is with real dark samples and a kick it up bass. People who went to a gabberparty could have heard this track. Almost at the end it kicks right back on in to make a so called bassoutro. The A2 is a remix made by DJ Buzz Fuzz. It starts with a slow sampled tempo, but when the bass booms in first with a "pof" bass and then with a hard kick ass one, its tempo is fuckin' great (for me because I like a bit faster tracks). The third bass that booms in is, I think, a combination of those two, then the fourth bass is even more heavy.... Whoaaahh I'm starting to like Buzz Fuzz (ahum :)) Great remix... again. The B1 is the reason I bought this record, it's the song called "Atmosfera". It starts with a vocal intro after it the bass kicks in and when it's finished the best part of the song comes... only one word for it... fantastic, it gives me goosebumps all over. This track is really a mf :) The B2 is called "This time it's War" and it starts with a lower bass and booms in with a real phat hard one, the samples that follow are great too... Great record; all songs are nice.


King of Pain

Promo, Bzrk 26

The A1 is the track called "King of Pain" (does Coldkickingass sound familiar? ;)) A real fucking good track with nice samplez and loud bass. I think Promo is one of the best DJ's at this moment. He has his own style and proves that again. After a few minutes of great hakkuh you hear a nice part of singin' and after that the bass bombs in again but harder this time :) For the Dj's i think this is a good track to mix in there set. The A2 "Lost Minds" (Anybody knows Global Hardcore Nation 2?) It has a sort of bass intro and the samplez are nice too. After a few minutes the great part of the of the song comes. Very nice singin; it gives you goosebumps al over. This part makes it ready to pound in again... very cool. The B1 "Just a Feeling" begins with loud bass. It has a bit faster tempo then the A side. It has a tiny dark tune in it and the 2nd part of the song comes along with a very kicking breakbeat ready to blast off the song again.. and wow! This part kicks, and booms!! Should hear it, great song! The B2 "Cheating Bitch" has an intro with a combination of vocals, drums and dark samplez, then it turns in ready to "hakkuh". At the end you hear a combination of breakbeats. This is again another good EP from Promo!


The Headbanger's Theme

The Headbanger feat. Alee & Ruffian, Rotterdam Records 78

The A1 is "The Headbangers Theme", this is a nice kicking track from Rob Fabrie aka dj Waxweazle under the name The Headbanger. After the hits he had with "Sweet Dreams" and "the Nightmare Man" this record includes an Mc and he makes it very interesting. Very dark atmosphere and kickin' sounds. The bass rocks very nice (good to hear at a party). It starts with a hi-hat and it quickly turns to a "hakkuh" track. The samplez, Mc and bass make this a really good song. The B1 "The Wishmaster" has a real dark intro. After a short while you hear a very heavy dark bass ready to pump up the track. The samplez are in "the Headbanger" style. The bass changes a bit further in the song. A (very dark) good track. The B2 "I'm in your Head" starts very dark too with the sample of I'm in your Head (It gives you the feeling as if you're watching a horror movie :)). The samplez are a bit nerve style, as I said it's like you're watching a horror movie, good for your nerves. A very nice dark track, when it's almost at the end it rocks on vor some time. One very nice album from the Headbanger. Buy it!


System Feedback

Promo, File 003

Dj Promo back again at his best. This is the 3rd record on the File Rec. He's one of my favorites at this moment. The A1 "System Feedback" is a really good song that slowly booms in quite hard. It has a real promo feeling when you hear it. Good song, nice to remix. At the end it turns over with a real hardkickin bass. Nice track. The A2 "Vicious Circle" is one of my favorites. The song has a great bass effect, nice to hear on a loud subwoofer. The B1 "Emotions Over Anger" is along with the A2 one of my favorites. Tt has a good "hakkuh" speed and some great voice samples with it: "push em up, everybody push em up" and "whoohyeah, this shit is made for walking". Great song! the B2 "Going Metal" is a very dark song with a little bit a breakbeat like intro that at first goes on for a minute a little bit slow. Then there comes a high sample followed by kicking dark bass sounds. Great... It goes on like this for about a few minutes then it builds off. Great track with a lot of dark atmosphere in it :)