Running against the Rules

Promo, File 007

Another compilation on the "files series". The A1 is "Running against the Rules": What an incredible dark kickin' volume this song has! The bass is really hard and the samples in it make this a fuckin' good track. Real dark, hard, Promo! The A2 "No Submission" begins very weird, with a phat bass that follows. Real newstyle Promo tempo. The bass get's harder; a really crunchy one :). Nice track with a few good high smplz in it. The B1 "I come correct" has a more well known feature with a great vocal "rapping" part in it. Nice smplz. The B2 "Chaos in the Flesh" is the more experimental song. It's very dark and nice but I prefer the other tracks.


Hardcore will Survive

Masters of Ceremony, Neophyte Records 007

This record has only hits on it if you ask me. The A1, "A way of life", is a great song: nice bass, great vocal part and a melody that stays in your head :). After the melody/vocal part, the bass booms in again for 2 times and slowly it makes it to the end of the song. The A2 "Hardcore will Survive" is another great song on this record: kick ass bass, great smplz, nice melody, awesome track! The B1 "Hands in the Air" begins with a nice bass then the smpl "put your hands up in the air" joins and... again a nice melody. The B2 is more the gabber hardcore song because it's faster. It's called "Bass Sequence" and it uses the same sample as the title... real old tempo and dark song with a very heavy bass. Buy this record!


8th Domain

The Masochist, Masters of Hardcore 014

The A1 is a fuckin' hard remix of "Anticipation" and "MzKzM"! The result is this "very cool" track. It gives name to "Antimix" and Neophyte remixed it! Very hard bass, MzKzM sample, Anticipation sample (mothafuck!). What ya want more?! The A2 has the same name as the A1 but is a remix by The Masochist himself: This track is faster with nice heavy bass, but I prefer the Neophyte remix. The B1 "Wanna fuck?" is a nice track with a real heavy phat bass but I don't like the vocal part that follows... It gets me on my nerves! But the track is absolute hard... The B2 has an oldtime sample in it. It's called "Our House". It's a bit more hardhouse style, nice track, good samples (I am the creator). Nice compilation.



Rotterdam Terror Corps, Megarave 031

The noise of RTC is blasting for a long time now and they prove again with this record that they belong to tha best. The A1 "Schizophrenic" is a very dark track with a part of Mc Raw giving it an extra dimension. After he talks, a huge sound explosion follows to give the track the credits it haves. This song is one of my all-time favorites as of now. The A2 is called "Inside your Head". Mc Raw is creating an intro (as if we didn't know Mc raw ;) ). The track has many pretty sounds and the bass makes it enjoyable to hear. The B1 is a mix by DJ Distortion & Paul Elstak and is called "Stop looking at me", sampled from the Sixth Sence. It has a real kick ass bass in it and the vocal part is very shiffering when the boy talks to Bruce Willis (smpl: I see dead people!). Distortion and Paul Rule! B2 called "Noise" is really its name worthy. Mc Raw opens with an intro and later the bass bounces in with a combination of high sounds, the bass is real kick ass. And then the last but not least track! When you look at the record you see; Bonus: Raveworld (the final part) and you think what the heck!? A new rmx?! So you listen and you hear that it's the oldskool part from the original song!!! (Thunderdome '96). Nice they bringed it out on vinyl and if you didn't like the rest of the tracks... this is a good reason to buy it!


The Origin of Core - Gangsta Audiovisuals Edition

Various artists, Gangsta 61

This record shows that trackerprograms like Impulse Tracker combined with the power of Cool Edit Pro and Sound Vienna can really get you on vinyl! Everybody knows Freax, former member of the Sound Alliance, and he just made the two best tracks on this Album! It also is his first record release for the Gangsta Crew.

This Album consists of two records made by 4 (well actually 5) producers, who produced 2 tracks each. Two tracks by Wedlock and Nosferatu, two tracks by Endymion (surprisingly), two tracks by Freax and two tracks by Trypticon, the Gangsta boy from Arnhem! Note that the labels on the first records have been switched, so where it says Endymion, they mean Wedlock & Nosferatu and visa versa. Ok, the A1 and A2 of the first record is from Wedlock & Nosferatu. The first track is called "Bulletproof" and is quite fast. The beat is ok, but the melodies could be better. The second track "Fingerprintz" is better than the first one, just because the melody is so much better. It's like a Rotterdam sound, but with a Gangsta melody. It's quite a dark track, different from all others on this record but it certainly kicks ass! The B1 and B2 are by Endymion, also known as the Darkcore Explorers, and they better explore some more Darkcore because Gangsta just isn't there style when it comes to producing. And that shows on this record! Fair is fair, they gave it a good try, but these tracks are (by far) worse than the others you can find on this album. The B1 is called "The Power To Forget". The melodies just do not approve to Gangsta standard, but the way the track is constructed is quite good. The track does not bore, but I guess it is just not my style. The B2 listens to the name of "In The Year 2003". This track starts with the kind of intro we remember from their previous album. The track is quite dark and so is the melody. But I wouldn't categorise this track as a Gangsta track, it's far too vague for that.

The A1 and A2 of the second record are made by newcomer Freax, and these tracks really kick ass! Just the Freax style with bloody done filters flying over the place. "U'll never be" is the better track of the two, and it has been released before at the Sound Alliance but Freax just improved it so it could be released at Gangsta. This track start with some dark strings and a self created voice "I am someone U'll never be!" The melody that follows is just fucking phat! Just as Gangsta is supposed to be! Also the second track "Behold My Soul" gives you a new filter experience. Both tracks are just neatly done, no weird things, some nice melodies, a stomping kick, and cool voices done by himself! I know for sure that we hear more of Freax in the future! Last but not least, there is Trypticon with two tracks on the B-side of the second record. He gives away some of the oldstyle Gangsta sound, with fat beats and just Gangsta melodies. Where you hear that Freax has his 'own' Gangsta style, Trypticon seams to copy it from Ruffneck himself. The way the tracks are built just indicates that, but they do kick ass! The B1 "Tryp To Tha Sub" is a standard Gangsta track with a cool breakbeat, a kicking bass and two cool melodies. Also Trypticon uses some rap-vocals. Also his second track "[There Is No] Me & You" has a heavy kick, and reminds of the good old Ruffneck tracks! All with all, I would say that the second record is far better than the first one. It's a good album and a must for all Gangsta freaks!

-The Es-Kimo