Destruction EP vol. 3

DJ Buzz Fuzz, Bzrk 29

Bzrk has awesome tracks lately and this one belongs to them. It has 3 tracks on it. The A1 had already some name because it has been out for a year on CD and was released earlier on a different record. I'm talking about "King of Beatz", it starts with a nice smooth intro and the bass booms in smooth too. The center part gives an upbooming effect and rocks even harder than before. The B1 is a faster track called "Buzzyness = Buzzyness" and has real nice effects in it! After a while the bass rocks harder in a different way. The B2 called "Emergency Call" starts with a phat bass and has really cool "old" samples in it. In the middle the bell rings... and booms right in again.


The Ninth Gate

The Masochist, Masters of Hardcore 19

Another compilation from the Masochist with a nice remix on it. All tracks are made by more than one producer. The A1 made together with DJ Buzz Fuzz is called "Hardkoor". It's a good track with nice speed in it... Real Buzzy style. The A2 is called "Buzzy's Antimix", it starts really nice, with some samplez from "Anticipation" and "Won't Love 'em". It's a really nice combination those two... motherfucker..1..2..3..4.. After a while it's a really heavy track :). The B1 is called "More Drugz?" and is featering Chosen Few. It starts nice, like "Pessa Pessa" style and the vocal part is *heavy*. The B2 called "Headclapper" is again made together with Buzz fuzz and starts really funky... this track is a true combination of the Masochist and Buzz Fuzz style.


Harakiri vol. 1

50% of the Dreamteam ft. The Prophet & DJ Buzz Fuzz, Bzrk 28

The A1 is one fuckin good track called "Open Sesame" (theme from hell). It starts with a bouncing bass followed by a big bang and the theme comes, it is like the same melody as in the track "Der Toten - Taciturne", so you could call this a kind of rmx of that track. Just like the original this track really kicks ass! A huge bass follows the melody and with that influence the track is real dark. The second part of this song has a new melody in it and sounds real nice... a real harcore anthem... The track ends with the same bass as it started with. The B1 is called "Careless as usual" and has (due to the Prophet) a maso style... real funky smplz folowed with phat basses and melodies, a really funny party track. The B2 called "Cyber 2000" begins with a bass that gets harder... and... yes harder! The melody's real nice too. But for the A1 alone you should buy this one!


Locked Down

G-Town Madness, Babyboom 042

This record has three tracks on it. The A1 called "Locked down" starts with a nice bass and has, as we know it from G-town tracks, a rap vocal part in it. Together with a nice melody and a high quality tune this one really kicks ass! The b1 "Shot up in the Brain" begins with a high hat followed by a nice bass and gives a dark symphony. The melody's nice too and the bass that comes kicks as well. At the end the melody makes a nice combination. Nice track. The B2 "Smoked" has a bit of UC influence, real nice work... a slower track... the melody changes often. Good ep!



DJ Outblast, Masters of Hardcore 17

This record has three tracks on it. The A1 is called "Eardrumz" and it gives me goosebumps. It starts with a phat bass patron right kickin it up for a more heavy bass. The melody on this track is great too. After a few minutes the big part of the track starts; it's the singing part of the song "Stan" from Eminem. Great! Real nice work here! The song "Stan" is interesting to hear for one time, then it's just a down drowzy song but this track is great... I think that it will be a top-hit. Nice work Outblast! The B1 is called "Hey Motherfuckers" and starts with a very IDic vocal part together with a very dark smpl of Hey Motherfuckers. The bass is nice 2 Halleluja! It's a faster track with changing basses which is really kick ass to hear. The B2 is a slower song. It starts with a smpl which I think is from Star Wars. It's called "Prepare Yourself". The bass get's pumped up after a while when a "claps" part starts. After a few minutes the song comes into a sort of outro, nice work. Buy this one!