Murphy's Law EP

Pino D'Ambini vs. DJ Buzz Fuzz, Bzrk 32

I'm a big fan of the BZRK label cause they always have good tracks. This record brings two tracks from Buzz Fuzz and one of his alter ego Pino D'Ambini, always in for some neat shit. The first track has the title Murphy's Law. There's a calendar called "Murphy's Law" (for the people toward it sounds familiar) with all sorts of nice dialogs. It's a real kicking track in the old trusted and familiar buzzy style. The B1 is also arranged by Buzz Fuzz and is called "Master Madness". Again heavy producing, with a fucking good bass and some fucking good melody shit. The third track is from Pino D'Ambini and is called Feel Tha Beat. It rocks absolutly in the own style of Pino D'Ambini (Up and down Ballz, Motherfucker) Definately a good record again.


The A side has the new BUZZ FUZZ's hit with "Murphy's Law". This track, with hard and fast BPM as usual with BF, is in the continuity of "Buzzyness = Buzzyness" released on Destruction EP Vol 3. A man's voice gives a good speed sensation and the track is cut with a light & melancolic melody which has a great soul in BF's spirit. On the B side, we can find another BF new track called "Master Madness" with a slower BPM. The melody sounds more like "X-cited" released on #03 EP with a voice a bit like Rob Gee's. The vinyl ends with "Feel Da Beat" of Pino d'Ambini. Remember the "Feel-Feel-Feel-Feel Da Beat" oldskool sample ? This track finishes with a Moby well know sample too taken from "GO!".

-The Lighthouse Keeper

Under Control

Masters of Ceremony, Neophyte Records 013

Neophyte brings out a lot on their label lately and this time it's another compilation of the Masters of Ceremony. The A1 is named "Under Control" and most people will disagree me but it's not my kind of music, The melody's good but I don't like the rest. The B side has two tracks I do like; the first one is "Skullfuck" a track with good uppumping basses and cool sound effects. The B2 is my favorite and is called "Follow the Leader". It begins with an intro of claps which introduce the bass, together with some great hard melodies that go on and on.


Are U Afraid of the Dark

The Headbanger, Megarave 045

This compilation has four great tracks on it. Probably they made a print error or something, cause the track names ar all in wrong order. Good the first track is very dark and spooky and is called "Children of the damned" in real Headbanger style. The A2 is " Nailed by the king" and is a bit faster and a bit harder, just like the first track it has a cool dark influence. The B1 is named "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" and begins with a neat intro. It has cool bass and it could be that the vocal part is from the game Shadowman. The fourth track is called "The Ninth Gate". Another good track.



DJ Killah, SORL DB 104

This is Italian shit! Lately they made a lot of good producing and you DJ's should watch out for them when you're in a vinyl store (D-Boy Label, Traxxtorm). It has two remixes of the song Survivor from Destiny's Child. The first is made by DJ Killah, a good track with a real nice vocal part - the hardcore part that follows is cool too. The B side is remixed by Placid K who always had nice producing. This track is a bit harder and also has a real neat vocal part. Buy it!


Respect the Cock EP

T-Wisted feat. Pino D'Ambini, Bzrk 30

Finally I've got this one! This record has one of my favorite tracks on it. T-Wisted feat. Pino D'ambini rock tha place! The A1 called "Respect the cock" is a real party track... real nice bumping bass effects, a cool vocal part and really relax samplez. Heavy track. The B1 called "Come with me" is my favorite, it has a goosebumping intro with a vocal part that's really shivering... combined with a heavy bass... Play this one LOUD! The B2 is called "Questions?" and kicks really in from the start. High speed bass with nice samplez and weird melodies :).