Hurricane Brain / Seperated World

Promo & Korsakoff, The Third Movement

Promo's track is quite fast and dynamic. In a kind of newstyle, "Hurricane Brain", which rythm is given by a man's voice, gives us a sound which is a bit repetitive but really hardcore. The B side includes "Separated World" of Korsakoff, a track that has a really interesting fast introduction. The track itself is more in Promo's spirit with a sort of melody that has hard bass and good feeling too. These two trax are also available on Thunderdome 2001 Part 1.

-The Lighthouse Keeper


DJ Niel, Coolman Specials

"Battlefield", the intro of Thunderdome 2001 Part 1, is a quite slow hardcore track. It has a good rythm and a sort of dreamy sensation though. On the B side, Niel gives us a totaly different sound with "The Cave". This track is happier, faster and has a sort of trance spirit. This vinyl includes probably the best recent trax.

-The Lighthouse Keeper

Son of a Bitch

Menace II Society, BZRK 33

On the A-side, we find "Son of a Bitch", a very dynamic track with a very interesting sample. The bass are quite heavy but the bpm is not so fast. I really like this track, it is quite long but there are no "dead times". On the B-side we can listen to two very explosive tracks with "Chronic Disorder" & "Into the Dark". Here the bpm are faster. B1 is based on well known sample of the Run-D-MCs which makes the track incredibely fast. B2 is more in 98'HC style but the sound is very nice. This vinyl is really in BZRK's spirit and this new artist is certainly part of the future of HC.

-The Lighthouse Keeper


DJ Outblast, Masters of Hardcore 25

The first track "Eargazm" has been composed with Bass D & King Matthew. The bpm is fast and the sound quite explosive. Nothing in particular to say excepted that the syle is more in BD & KM's. On the B-side, we find the Catscan's '"Communication" RMX which I really don't like. Those who have Tunderdome 2001 Pt 2 will certainly understand why: the sound has no particular samples, the track is quite slow and the bass are strange... On the other hand, for me, the original "Communication" (B2) is one of the best tracks of the year. I really like the tiny melody which is at the beginning and at the end of it. The bass are quite fast and heavy. This track really kicks ! As usual, Outblast has made good stuff.

-The Lighthouse Keeper

Wonderfull Days 2001

Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo present Starsplash, Kontor 191

I'm going to make enemies, but I still like Happy HC and Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo's sounds. That's why I couldn't miss the "Wonderfull Days 2001" ! The A-side has the 2001 RMX which is quite close from the original track with the lovely sample of the fast voice and the Here We Go Again of the Prophet ! The same sample is used in the two other RMX that are one side B with the Ratty RMX and the Potatoheads RMX. These three tracks are very nice even if they are more dance than HC. This vinyl is a MUST for gabbers who are a little nostalgic of these old wonderful days !

-The Lighthouse Keeper